So, what do we get up to ?

We can provide you with an idea of what is offered and included in our day but no two days will be quiet the same as children choose how they wish to spend their time and the day develops around the children attending.  We have a loose routine which the children learn and follow to ensure certain things happen at certain times and our aim is to always pack as much in as we can for a happy fun time for everyone.

Continuous Provision, energetic activity, creative learning........

Learning Tree Preschool promotes play, learning and growing together by providing periods of high energetic activity and periods of calmer creative learning both indoors and outdoors. The day is planned to make sure your child is fully engaged and happy during their exploration and play .

Through out the day our classroom offers continuous provision supporting children to access and self select from a wide range of resources and activities which can also be extended and built on by our experienced childcare team to promote further learning when appropriate.

In addition, we will always look to add stimulating and varied activities that relate to the children’s interests and seasonal events

'Target' Group Time

Small group time for children to engage in planned adult led activities with other children within their age range

Circle Time

Aimed at our older children who are encouraged to participate and engage with targeted learning we introduce phonics letters and sounds, numbers and counting, action rhymes and singing in a fun way and the opportunity to share news and discuss the children's daily planning

Younger children may join in at any time if they wish.

Forestry Area

Small groups visit the on site wooded area to explore and investigate the natural environment and participate in forest school and outdoor learning activities.

Outdoor Physical Play

With a recently installed all weather canopy children have continuous access to a small outdoor area throughout the day all year round 

This has just been installed and further improvements are planned for the area pictures to be added

Natural Climbing equipment

and . . . .can enjoy regular visits to the school field and wooden climbing equipment providing lots of opportunity to walk, run, climb, jump to promote and enjoy physical and mental development 

Snack and lunch time

Active children need fueling.  

We have a healthy eating policy and a range of nutritious snacks are available from our rolling snack bar at different times through the day.

Children are supported in preparing their choices and participating in setting up and clearing away themselves.

A pack up lunch is currently provided from home for those children attending a morning or all day session.

We ask for this to be in keeping with our healthy eating policy and provide a guide sheet to support this


We are hoping to move towards offering a cooked hot dinner in the near future please ask for further details

Our team ensures that children are not given inappropriate foods or drinks from information obtained from parents/carers before children start at the setting by following procedures which include updates on a regular basis.

Sleep / Rest time

Children naturally slow down and independently fall into quiet times during their busy day, our flexible routine and  planned cosy areas within the classroom support children to choose how they wish to rest or sleep and our team put measures in place to support their well being and safety.


Home Time and Continued Learning 

Your child's key person will have observed and recorded your child’s development with detail of what they have enjoyed and learnt during their day and will discuss any care and well being information and concerns at drop off and pick up times. A contact book can be set up on request.

Information regarding our day is written daily and displayed in reception to inform you what we have been doing and will include suggestion on how you can carry on this learning at home.

Children are encouraged to choose and take a book home from our home library to share and look through together.